Huddersfield & District Crown Green Bowling Association



A guideline for participants dress in all Association Final Day Events:

1. Trousers shall be full length and single colour

2. Shirts shall be collared and may be embellished with any of all of the following:-Players name, Club name, Sponsor or Manufacturers insignia.

3. Where necessary, sweaters which conform to the above or wet weather clothing may be worn.

4. Nothing in the above shall be interpreted to allow wearing of Denims, Tracksuits, Shellsuits etc.

5. Any player failing to conform to these standards will be prevented from playing and may be liable to forfeit any entry fee or prize money earned



Mobile phones and pagers in active mode are not allowed on the green. Any player(s) failing to comply receives no further score, the opponent(s) receiving maximum score.



Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is not allowed whilst participating in a game of Crown Green Bowls. The offending player(s) receives no further score, the opponent(s) receiving maximum score.









2. The objects of the Association shall be to organise team competitions for the clubs in membership and individual competitions for members of such clubs. All such events shall be played in accordance with the laws of the game as decreed by the British Crown Green Bowling Association.



3. The Association shall be governed by the constituent clubs. Representative s of those clubs attend meetings as required throughout the year, and at the AGM elect an Executive Committee to deal with the Associations affairs.

4. Elections will take place at the AGM of the Association for the following posts:- President and Deputy President, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurer, Hon Solicitor, Hon Auditors, Inter District Officers, Delegates to Yorkshire County CGBA. Nominations for these posts may be made by the Executive, or proposed and seconded in writing by not less than two individual clubs, and received by the Association Secretary at least 28 days previous to the AGM. The Association Secretary will inform each club of the nominations received in the letter then sent out giving notice of the AGM.

5. The Executive Committee will then comprise the President, Deputy President, Vice Presidents and Secretaries and Treasurer together with Past Presidents and Life Members who continue an interest in the Association. This Executive Committee will attend to all matters in the running of the Association.

6. The Executive Committee will meet on the first Monday of each month out of the season if necessary, and on determined dates each year during the season. Seven members must be present to form a quorum.

7. The accounts of the Association shall be audited annually by one auditor, and a printed copy of the balance sheet shall be sent together with a notice of the annual general meeting to each club in membership.



8. The Executive will consider an application received by 30th September for membership from any club for the following season. A recommendation will then be made to the Half Yearly Meeting for acceptance, or otherwise, on a straight vote of that meeting.

9. Life Members may be elected to the Association at an Annual General Meeting. Nominations must be proposed and seconded in writing by clubs in membership, and approved by the Executive Committee prior to voting at the AGM.



10. The level of charges for: a) Annual Subscriptions. b) Entrance bond to be paid on a club being admitted to membership and held for 3 years. c) Levy per team for postal expenses. d) Affiliation fee for clubs in membership, but not participating in team competition. e) Fines for overdue subscriptions, including possible suspension. Shall be reviewed as required by the Executive, and recommendations made to the AGM for a straight vote in full meeting. All monies due should be paid no later than 1st May.



11. Two general meetings shall be held annually, one on a Monday in October for the consideration of Bye-Laws and Rules, and the other on a Monday in February at the Executive Committees discretion for the election of officers for the ensuing year, for consideration of Bye-Laws and Rules and any other business.

12. Each club is allowed one representative at the general meetings in addition to the officers of the Association.

13. The Secretary/Treasurer shall convene a special general meeting at Any time of receiving a requisition to that effect signed by representatives of not less than five clubs in membership.

14. (A) A club shall be fined £5 for each of the 6 scheduled yearly meetings missed.

(B) The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep an attendance record book which representatives will sign at the meetings.



15. None of these Rules shall be altered or rescinded except at either of the two general meetings duly convened by the Secretary/Treasurer, who must have received notice of the alteration or amendment in writing, together with the names of the proposer and seconder at least 14 days previous to the general meeting at which such proposed alteration is to be considered and notice thereof sent to the clubs in membership of the Association.

16. The Chairman at any general meeting at which alteration to Rules are considered shall allow an amendment to be moved to any notified amendment or alteration, and in the event of same being seconded and carried by a bare majority shall be considered as a notified amendment.

17. No Bye-Law or other Rule shall be altered, rescinded, or added to, without the consent of at least two thirds of those present at a general meeting.



18. Each club to be allowed one vote only on all alterations or amendments to Bye-Laws or Rules. Only the official representative of a club is allowed to vote. Officials of the Association are allowed to vote on general matters only.






1. Six Cups, namely Subscription, Drayton, Littlewood, Bamforth, Ingham and Hinchliffe shall be competed for annually on a league basis by teams of 12. A seventh Cup, the Beaumont, shall be competed for annually by teams of 10. Two further cups, the Binns and Taylor, shall be competed for annually by teams of 8. In the event of there being insufficient 8 man teams for the latter two cups, the Binns shall be competed for and the Taylor held in abeyance. All fixtures to be played on neutral greens on Saturday afternoons with a 2.30pm start, unless otherwise agreed by the Executive.

2. (A) The top two teams in the Drayton, Littlewood, Bamforth, Ingham and Hinchliffe Cups shall be promoted and the bottom two teams in the Subscription, Drayton, Littlewood, Bamforth and Ingham shall be relegated.

The winner only of the seventh Cup, The Beaumont, shall be promoted to the Hinchliffe Cup with only the bottom team of that Cup moving in the opposite direction IF THEY SO DESIRE. The winner only of the Binns Cup shall be promoted to the Beaumont Cup, but with no automatic relegation from the Beaumont to the Binns. Two up and two down will apply between the Binns and Taylor Cups.

2. (B) In the event of two or more teams having the same number of points at the top of a Cup, for second place or in the relegation area the issues shall be settled as follows:-

Firstly, can the teams be separated by the result(s) against each other during the season. If not, then secondly, can they be separated by the number of wins and draws obtained. If not, then thirdly a play-off will be required, to be decided by aggregate score only.

In the event of a tie in a play-off, a further four players from each team shall bowl again to decide the winner of the match.

2. (C) Clubs may also apply for admission of teams to Cups with different numbers of players through the usual application form to be submitted for the Registration Meeting each year, and each such application will be reviewed by the Executive, together with any imbalanced numbers between cups. The Executive shall then put forward, if necessary, proposals for restructuring the cups, based on merit.

3. When the winning clubs have been ascertained, the President of the Association shall hand the cups to their representatives on receiving from them security for their safe return, the cups shall remain in their possession until the following year, when they must be handed over to the secretary’s instructions. 4. a. A meeting will be held on the last Monday in January each year when clubs MUST register the teams they wish to enter in the league for the coming season and provide details of Club Representatives and Handbook requirements.

b. Any club wishing to have a Beaumont, Binns or Taylor team, or a combination thereof, (irrespective of whether they also have a 12 man team) may only be allowed to do so at the Executive Committee’s discretion.

5. It is an obligation of every club in membership which has a team or teams playing in the league to complete their matches on the dates provided wherever possible, and any club not doing so can be fined on a decision made in executive meeting. If any club repeats its omission to complete fixtures then the Association in general meeting, can, after consideration of all the circumstances, refuse to accept that clubs teams in any future competitions.

6. Matches should be played on the actual date, excepting Yorkshire/Henry Taylor/Hutchinson/Radley Cup clashes when they should be played on the immediately prior Friday evening. A match may, however, be wholly or partly mutually re-arranged between the three parties, provided it is completed BEFORE the original date OR by the second Friday AFTER the original date, excepting that all matches MUST be fully completed by the last scheduled fixture date. The team requesting the re-arrangement MUST inform the League Fixtures Secretary of the new arrangement at least 48 hours before the original date. If there is no mutual agreement the match MUST be played on the original date, or the immediately prior Friday evening in the case of a Yorkshire/Henry Taylor/Hutchinson/Radley cup clash. Any team attending with players short will have those games forfeited 21-0. If it is other than a Club's lowest team, an automatic fine of £5 will also be levied for each bowler short. Failure to comply by the lowest teams will also render Clubs open to the possibility of a fine, and disciplinary action could be taken in ALL instances, including a possible ban on future participation by that Club. NOTE: The Executive Committee do not consider club trips or players playing elsewhere other than in precedence association competitions as a valid excuse for postponement of all or part of a match.

7. (A) It is the responsibility of every club competing in the League to make their green available from the first to the final fixture of the playing season. Any club who feels they cannot do so due to green condition must apply by letter to the League Secretary stating their reasons. The Executive will consider the application and inform the club of their decision. Any club closing their green without permission will be suspended from the League for the following season:

(B) In the event of a green being considered unfit for playing, on the day of the match, owing to exceptional weather conditions, the club on whose green the match was arranged shall notify the clubs concerned and the League Fixtures Secretary not later than 12 noon. Any such abandonment should be re-arranged within 14 days and notified to the League Fixtures Secretary within 48 hours.

(C) If there is doubt raised as to the fitness of the green because of weather conditions when the competing teams have arrived, the match MUST be bowled unless the two captains mutually agree an alternative date within 14 days. Any such agreement should be notified to the League Fixtures Secretary within 48 hours.

8. Each team shall be responsible for providing two jacks and two mats for each match.

9. (A) Team captains shall decide the order in which their team plays and shall be responsible to see that there are four jacks on the green within 5 minutes of the starting time. Play shall be continuous throughout and any club reported as contravening this Rule could be fined and/or have points deducted at the Executive Committees decision.

(B) The first named team in the fixture shall lead the odd numbered jacks their opponents to lead the even numbered jacks.

10. Scoring in all Cups will be 1 point per winner plus 2 points for aggregate score and 2 points for the team winning the most individual games. In the event of tied aggregate scores, or tied individual games won, 1 point will be awarded to each team. This is a total of 16 points for a 12 man team match, 14 points for a 10 man team match and 12 points for an 8 man team match.

11. It is the responsibility of the FIRST named team to ensure full result and green scores are entered through the website by 7.00pm on the Monday following the match. The SECOND named team may enter them by agreement but the responsibility remains with the FIRST named team. Failure to supply results as per Rule may render the responsible club liable to a fine of £2 per infringement.

12. Any club raising an objection under these rules shall do so within seven days of the match and shall Lodge £1 with the League Secretary which sum will be forfeited should the Executive Committee consider the objection frivolous or groundless.



13. A player may transfer from one Club to another, providing that an official transfer form (obtainable from his new Club) is completed by himself and a Representative of the Club where he has been previously registered.

This form should be sent to the League Secretary of the Association to be received not later than the Registration Meeting in January, and accompanied by the transfer fee of £2.00.

Only under EXCEPTIONAL circumstances will any further transfer requests be granted by the Executive Committee after that meeting, and a NON RETURNABLE sum of £5.00 must accompany such requests.

14. (A) Each Club must register players who are fully paid-up members of that Club, and are 12 years of age or over, from which it shall select its competition teams.

Such registrations will be valid for each subsequent season until either the player transfers to another Club, or the Club withdraws his registration.

Any player who fails to declare all Clubs of which he is a member, or of which he has become a member since registration, when entering Competitions, renders himself and the Club for which he plays liable to disqualification.

14. (B) After transfers submitted by the Registration Meeting deadline have been processed, the Website Registration Facility will be opened after the Association’s AGM to allow Clubs to add or remove current registrations as required. This facility will remain open for the use of Clubs until the 31st July for registrations only, NOT for further transfers. This will be monitored.

14. (C) No bowler may register with a Club after 31st July if he already holds an ongoing BCGBA registration, unless he has been a member of that Club since the beginning of that current season.

15. Any club member who leaves one club and joins another must be straight on the books of the club he has left, or he will not be allowed to play in any of the Associations competitions.

16. No player shall be allowed to take part in two matches scheduled for the same day in competitions governed by this Association. A bowler cannot play in his club’s lower teams if he has played a total of twelve league matches in higher teams in the same season. If any contravention of these rules comes to the notice of any club or official they can lodge an objection with the League Secretary with the sum of £1, within one month of the match being played. The sum of £1 will be forfeited should the Executive Committee consider the objection frivolous or groundless. Any player or club contravening any part of this rule shall forfeit the game(s) 21-0 and be liable to suspension or a fine.

17. No player shall bowl on a green within five days prior to start of a game in which he is due to play, even if a member at the green, unless:

(A) He is drawn there in an individual competition.

(B) He plays there for a team in another competition or League.



18. Bone-fide registered male members of clubs in membership of the Association shall be eligible to compete in merits and handicaps subject to any age limit which may be applicable. No player can be substituted or added after draw is made (subject to Rule 32).

19. (A) Entrants shall state on the appropriate entry form ALL clubs of which they are members.

(B) In the event of a player being drawn in a qualifying or intermediate round at a green as defined under Rule 19(c), and the said green has not been declared, he will not be eligible to take part in the competition.

(C) Players who qualify after contravening this Rule shall be disqualified.

20. All clubs in membership shall allow the Association to use their greens for competitions throughout the season, but a club desiring to withdraw its green for a club event may do so by giving notice by the closing date of the competition to the Competition Secretary.

21. In individual competitions standard jacks shall be provided by the club on whose green the event is being played.

22. The proceeds of the cup competitions and all individual competitions shall be for the benefit of the Associations funds. Qualifiers for the final day of any individual competition organised by the Association, shall, in the event of non-appearance, forfeit any prize money due, and be barred from competitions, subject to the discretion of the Association.

23. A player will be allowed to bowl on any green at any time, when such a game be a cup or league game under the jurisdiction of an Association affiliated to the Yorkshire County C.G.B.A., but in case of qualifying rounds of merits and handicaps, from the time the draw is made, a player will not be allowed to practice on the same green. A breach of this rule, or proof of any undue advantage being taken, will render the player, or his club, liable to disqualification.

24. (A) Members of a club on whose green a final is being played shall be handicapped 3,2,1, in rounds 1,2 and 3 respectively. Neither shall they be allowed to practice the green on the day of the final or the preceding 24 hours.

(B) Players who have qualified for a final will not be allowed to practice on the green where the final is to be played if they are not members of that club.

25. (A) In any merit or handicap competition any player having a walkover or bye and being required to meet an opponent in the next round who has already played on that green in the preceding round shall be entitled to practice WITH THE USE OF ONLY ONE SET OF BOWLS not exceeding 10 minutes when called upon to play.

(B) In the event of a tie in the 4 man team knockout competitions all players will play two ends against the opponents they have already played. The aggregate score then wins the tie-break. In the event of another tie, a sudden death one end will be played by all competitors.

26. Any player who has been scratched from a competition and then tries to influence the referee to alter his decision shall be reported to the Association in order that action can be taken.

27. Members of a club on whose green all individual competition semi-finals and finals are played must pay for admission.

28. All handicaps and merits postponed owing to a green being unfit to play shall be mutually arranged and confirmed with the Competition Secretary, scratching time rule applied.

29. (A) Guidelines for handicapping are:

County Player - Scratch

Inter-District Player- 2

Subscription Cup - 3

Drayton Cup - 3

Littlewood Cup - 4

Bamforth Cup - 4

Ingham Cup & below - 5

Novice Bowler – 7

It is stressed that these are simply guidelines for handicaps and not AUTO-MATIC simply because a player bowls at these levels.

(B) Other matters to consider when reviewing the lists are:

i. All BCGBA numbers should be completed.

ii. All other club memberships should be shown (including where Works League matches are involved).

iii. Deletion of any bowlers who for whatever reason are to be no longer registered with your club.

(C) Any club not fulfilling their obligations under this rule, or providing incorrect information may be fined by an Executive Committees decision.

30. All the above rules shall apply to pairs and triples bowling where appropriate.

31. One player in pairs, or up to two players in triples, may be replaced by named substitutes in the preliminary round subject to compliance with the above rules, with the approval of the Competition Secretary, and providing the substitute has not entered the Competition.

32. Games in all competitions shall be 21 up. All matches and individual com-petitions shall be played with a standard jack as defined by B.C.G.B.A

33. Unless otherwise arranged by the Committee, the representatives of each club on whose green a competition game is to be played shall endeavour to provide a capable referee and measurer. The duty of all referees appointed shall be to adjudicate according to rules without waiting for an objection.

34. No club will be allowed to make any charge for the preparation of a green loaned to the Association for a competition.

35. The Association reserves to itself the right to change a green upon which a match has been arranged but left undecided.

36. Greens must be cleared immediately after the arrival of any of the competitors in all competitions.

37. The Association reserves to itself the right to cancel the entry for a cup or merit competition of any club or player which shall knowingly and wilfully infringe these rules.

38. In a case of wilful breach of these rules of the game or any unfair play or ungentlemanly conduct, the referee may caution the offending player, or order him to retire from the game, and no substitute shall be allowed to take his place. Any such conduct reported to the Association shall be discussed at the next full delegates meeting and then referred to the Executive Committee for suspensions to be imposed as necessary.

39. Should either of the clubs in connection with any dispute or protest have a member on the committee, the said member shall not be eligible to sit on the committee, while such a dispute is being considered.

40. Any matter not provided for in these rules will be dealt with by the Committee using the precedent of Senior Associations where appropriate, eg. Y.C.C.G.B.A.

41. The Committee are the sole interpreters of these rules and from their decision there shall be no appeal either at law or otherwise.


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